As Madonna sings “Holiday, Celebrate”

No unfortunately I am not on holiday yet, but in this last week I have discovered that I have plenty more holiday left to take.  It actually works out at just under 3 weeks.  By the end of March.

With this holiday I plan to go away hiking.  I now have the time booked off now.  I have two consecutive weeks of booked and am hoping to go off to one of the british mountain ranges hiking.

Also, following on from something I said last week, the course I am planning do do from september is one step closer to happening.  I have received an unconditional offer to study on the course, but have yet been able to accept the offer.

The reason why is the reason why we love bureaucracy so much.

I started the application with one ID number, fair enough – Something which identifies you in the database
I Send the application, again fair enough – I am actually applying for something
I then get notified that my ID number will change for the log in to track the application – A bit pointless, surely my previous on was fine
I then get notified that I will get this number via mail – the entire rest of the application was done digitally, so why the need for snail mail
I then get a letter from the university – They offer a tracking system and it shows that I have an unconditional offer
I have yet to receive the letter with my new ID number

Anyway, as much as I would love to ramble on it is very nearly midnight, and I don’t wont to be late posting it.



Work Work Work!

In the run up to christmas I was working a lot.  I mean I worked every day for the 15th Dec to the 24th Dec for at least 6 hours (up to 11 hours).  And the I got a single day off before working boxing day.  In actual fact I worked 4 of the 5 days strait after christmas.

And all that work, actually I didn’t mind it.  It was all for money, and that money has been well used.  I now no longer have any balance on my credit card, and believe me, that is a weight of my shoulder.

Anyway, New Year was my time off.  I got t go and visit my mum which was nice, as I don’t get to see her that often anymore.  But I had 12 days off from work and volunteering, but work has started in earnest again now.  I have worked every day since Saturday (Today I volunteered for 8 hours before working 3) and I only have 1 day where I am neither working or doing something towards my volunteering.

It may seem hard, or like it is almost too much work, but it isn’t and I don’t actually mind.  And that it because a special thing has happened.

For the first time since I was at school I have a direction that I want to go for the next few years.  The big difference between then and now is that before it was purely because I would be following the education system, just like a sheep follows a crowd.

This time I have a direction, know how I am going to achieve it, and actually want it.

Now what is this direction I hear you ask.  Well, next september I should ( will unless something major changes, or the final bit of paperwork doesn’t go through) be starting a course in Landscape Management.  This is an area that I find fascinating, and actually want to work in.  The good thing about this course is that it is one year long, but will be awarding a degree.

Following the completion of the course I am then hoping to go travelling.  I’m not sure where and I’m not sure for how long.  But I will do it.  I know that I need to save some money to go travelling, but I have read some quite inspirational posts about how to save.  And actually if I start saving I think that it will help me with other things I wish to improve.  For a start it means that I won’t be able to buy junk food and drinks, and that will seriously help with my weight and fitness.

I shall now say goodbye after working for over 11 hours today (and having to travel into and out of London in the Rush Hour) before I pass out on my computer.

Good Night

Late o’clock.

This was something that I wanted to avoid when I started this blog.  Late o’clock on a Wednesday night, and I have nothing written.


I did have an idea for this week, and it was going to be about excuses.  I even started to write it out but after two paragraphs I wasn’t sure what to say.  So I thought to myself, I have plenty of time.  I will come back to it later.  But I didn’t.


Quite ironically actually, I had just written how I use excuses to cover for my laziness.  Now I know that I am new to blogging, and that at first my blogs really wont be very good.  I am prepared for that.  But I actually need to put thought in to what I am writing.  I need to plan ahead.


And that is something that I need to change.  People who know me know that I am not good at planning ahead (they also know that I am lazy and wouldn’t be surprised if I couldn’t be bothered to post today).  But since not continuing to write my earlier post, I thought about it.


And thinking about it I worked out that there are a lot of things I want to change about me.  I have heard people say things like “don’t change, just be who you want to be.”  Now that is a nice sentiment and all, but what if you are not currently who you want to be.


There are things that I like about myself, but as I mentioned there are things that I want to change, and they boil down to changing two things.


  1. My Laziness.
  2. My forward planning.


Changing them will be hard as they have many years of habit to change and, as we all know, people don’t like change.  So wish me luck, and see you next week.

Happy New Year.

If you think about it, New Year is an arbitrary day which we all celebrate as something remarkable.  And many people use this arbitrary day as the point to change things about themselves.  Of course here I am talking about new years resolutions.

I once saw an online video where someone said that they didn’t like new years resolutions.  That they didn’t see the point of them.  That if people really wanted to change then they didn’t need to make new years resolutions, that they would just do it.  I think that they were missing something a key concept to why many New Years Resolutions actually work. Yes it is just an arbitrary day, yes they could change anytime, and yes they are often reactionary to the indulgence of Christmas.  But change is a mental thing more than anything else, and the start of a new year gives that mental catalyst which actually allows the change to start.

Last year I had a resolution and I have succeeded.  It wasn’t anything special but the sense of fulfillment I feel now encourages me no do bigger better ones.  So last year, I gave up milkshakes.  In the same vein as the give up cigarettes/chocolate/alcohol ones that are probably the most common (absolutely no research has gone into that statement mind) I probably wouldn’t have gone a year without them if it wasn’t a new years resolution.

The timeframe works nicely, the motivation is sufficient (particularly have just successfully completed one) and you don’t have time to slack off before the next one starts.

Talking about next ones, it is time for my big announcement.  My 2014 New Years Resolutions, yes this year I am going for multiple

  1. Take 25 photos every day.
  2. To publish a blog post every week.

Ok so still only two.  But there is a reason it is only two.  I don’t want to get bogged down by having to many to do.  I feel that two will be achievable, but if I have more that I just wont be able to keep up with them.

A quick thought on these in comparison to my one last year makes me realize that there are 2 types of resolution.  The Dos and the Don’ts.

Last year I decided to give up milkshake. Don’t drink milkshake.  In reality you can do as many of these as I like but it may be miserable if you have too many giving up things that you like.

This year I have decided to blog and take photos.  Do blog.  Do take photos.  These are much more limiting than the Don’ts.  You can only do a few Dos, you only have time for a few Dos.

There are other things that I wish to achieve this year

  • To improve my fitness
  • To lose weight
  • To walk more
  • To climb more
  • To start making videos
  • Improve my guitar playing

As much as I want to do these I feel that it would be to time committing or they are too broad to make into resolutions.  That’s not to say that I won’t do any of them, I will try to do them all.  I just haven’t commitment to do them.

Now, I have managed to babble on this far about New Years Resolutions, but I haven’t really told you anything about me.  And now normally that would be fine, but you see this is my first blog post and I think that I should probably tell you something.  Just a little snippet to keep you waiting until next week.

Now of course I have told you something, I have told you my opinion on new years resolutions. And after all we are, particularly on the internet, just a collection of opinions and ideas. But rather than starting with just a relatively obscure and largely unimportant idea I will finish this post with a few more opinions for those who are interested (and you must somewhat be having read this far through).

  • I would rather live in the countryside than cities.
  • My favorite landscape is mountains, although I am rather partial to forests.
  • The most remote place I have been was on my Duke of Edinburgh expedition, where at one point we were a 2.5 day walk from the nearest road.  And that is an experience that I would like to recreate.
  • I like every genre of music, but differentiate this from liking all music.
  • I have been to more gigs to see unsigned acts than signed acts.
  • I have a fixation with crime and crime drama’s, but am proud to say that I don’t actually commit any myself.
  • My favorite TV program is Spooks (MI5 if any American people are reading this)

The last important question is what am I going to be writing here?  I am hoping to write about the outside. Walking. Nature.  But not just in an informative way.  Yes, the information and facts will be important.  But this will be using them as a backing for more philosophical thoughts and ideas.