As Madonna sings “Holiday, Celebrate”

No unfortunately I am not on holiday yet, but in this last week I have discovered that I have plenty more holiday left to take.  It actually works out at just under 3 weeks.  By the end of March.

With this holiday I plan to go away hiking.  I now have the time booked off now.  I have two consecutive weeks of booked and am hoping to go off to one of the british mountain ranges hiking.

Also, following on from something I said last week, the course I am planning do do from september is one step closer to happening.  I have received an unconditional offer to study on the course, but have yet been able to accept the offer.

The reason why is the reason why we love bureaucracy so much.

I started the application with one ID number, fair enough – Something which identifies you in the database
I Send the application, again fair enough – I am actually applying for something
I then get notified that my ID number will change for the log in to track the application – A bit pointless, surely my previous on was fine
I then get notified that I will get this number via mail – the entire rest of the application was done digitally, so why the need for snail mail
I then get a letter from the university – They offer a tracking system and it shows that I have an unconditional offer
I have yet to receive the letter with my new ID number

Anyway, as much as I would love to ramble on it is very nearly midnight, and I don’t wont to be late posting it.



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